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Driver / Operator Training

  1. One of the most powerful tools available to transit management in creating an environment for agency safety and security awareness and success is the delivery of safety and security-related training to all operations employees. Safety and security is impacted by nearly every action taken by drivers/operators during the day-to-day performance of their jobs or during emergency operations. Driver/Operator training includes a focus on vehicle inspection, defensive driving, customer assistance, emergency/crisis management, and transit agency specific skills.

  2. Defensive driving skills training uses a formally structured and nationally recognized program delivered in a classroom and on a vehicle. Passenger assistance training includes but is not limited to customer awareness and sensitivity, wheelchair management, lift operation, mobility device securement, and helping passengers off the vehicle during emergency situations. Emergency/crisis management training, at a minimum, addresses accident handling and response, vehicle fires and evacuations, and responding to potentially dangerous passengers. Many transit agencies provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid training to drivers.

  3. Other driver training topics include vehicle orientation and inspection, radio communication, routes and geography, blood borne pathogen response and hazardous conditions caused by acts of nature.

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National Transit Institute Workplace Safety and Security Training Courses

Link to the current National Transit Institute (NTI) Workplace Safety and Security Training Courses available from the NTI website. these courses are designed for front-line and supervisory personnel.

National Transit Institute Workplace Safety and Security Training Products

Link to the current National Transit Institute (NTI) Training Courses from the NTI website that are available for purchase on CD-ROM. These courses range in topic from management protective measures, to system security awareness. the web page also list fact sheets and pocket guides that are available.

Transportation Safety Institute Safety and Security Courses

Link to TSI's Safety and Security catalog of currently available training courses with links to course descriptions and schedules. Courses are available in transit security, rail, bus and general transit safety.

Immediate Actions (IAs) for Transit Agencies For Potential and Actual Life-Threatening Incidents

The purpose of this publication is to assist operators and other transit agency personnel who may encounter potential or actual life-threatening events involving criminal activities or terrorism.

TCRP Synthesis 37: Communicating with Persons with Disabilities in a Multimodal Transit Environment

This report of the Transportation Cooperative Research Program focuses on the communication techniques and technologies for persons with sensory and cognitive disabilities.

Hazardous Driving Conditions

This document summarizes 21 identified hazardous driving conditions. The document also provides suggestions for incident avoidance under each of the conditions.

Steering Away from Road Rage: Helping your employees avoid aggressive driving

This article from the Maryland Rural Transit Assistance Program, offers information on strategies to avoid road rage through driver training, hiring practices and instilling professionalism. A checklist to avoid aggressive drivers is included.

MD 2004
Passenger Assistance Performance Evaluation Form

This form is for recording the evaluation of a trainee on specific aspects of lift operation and lift securement.

Communicating with People with Disabilities: The ADA Shows the Way

This Pocket Guide from the American Bus Association and Easter Seals Project ACTION, designed for fixed route bus operators, provides basic information on serving passengers with various disabilities.

Transit Communications for Passengers with Hearing Impairments

From the Easter Seals Project ACTION, this report describes the results of a pilot collaborative project aimed at improving interactive communication between transit workers and deaf or hard of hearing passengers. The results of this study provide support for the potential of visual communication and suggest approaches involving progressive development of technology-based communication systems for transportation systems.




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